Papers Published

  1. Garg, Devendra P. and Nagchaudhuri, Abhijit and Ma, Yawe, Adaptive identification and control of robotic manipulators, Modeling and Simulation, Proceedings of the Annual Pittsburgh Conference, vol. 21 no. pt 5 (1990), pp. 2093 - 2097 .
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    Designers of high speed manipulators of the future should, to the extent practicable, incorporate entire dynamics of the robot into its control algorithm to maintain accuracy in trajectory tracking. Computation of exact dynamics of manipulators becomes complicated due to (i) inherent nonlinearities (ii) lack of precise model for these nonlinearities (iii) errors in parameter identification, and (iv) variations in parameters, such as payload. This paper discusses the effect of nonlinearities on the dynamics of manipulators. Parameter identification for the dynamic model is studied, and convergence requirements and persistency of excitation are discussed. Simulation studies are performed using a two-degree of freedom manipulator model which closely represents the first two links of an IBM 7540 robot. Adaptive computed torque control is implemented.

    Robots--Control;Control Systems, Adaptive--Applications;Computer Programming--Algorithms;Dynamics;Mathematical Models;