Papers Published

  1. Garg, D.P. and Kumar, M., Camera calibration and sensor fusion in an automated flexible manufacturing multi- robot work cell, Proceedings of the 2002 American Control Conference (IEEE Cat. No.CH37301), vol. vol.6 (2002), pp. 4934 - 9 [ACC.2002.1025442] .
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    This paper presents the formulation and implementation of a strategy for multi sensor fusion. First, the concept of multiple sensors for decision-making, their need, various prevalent methodologies and implementation strategy are briefly discussed. This is followed by a description of recent research results published on multisensor fusion and its application to robotics and intelligent systems. In the context of this paper, the simulation was carried out with the help of two six degree of freedom industrial robots in a work cell equipped with vision sensor and force torque (F/T) sensors. One F/T sensor is mounted on the wrist of each robot. The sensory data from these sensors have been fused to obtain cooperating motion between the two robots

    calibration;computer vision;flexible manufacturing systems;industrial robots;multi-robot systems;sensor fusion;