Papers Published

  1. Garg, Devendra P. and Roberts, A. Ray and Pittillo, Robert A., EDUCATIONAL DECISION MAKING THROUGH ELECTRONIC PARTICIPATORY TECHNOLOGY: A MODEL-SYSTEMS APPROACH., Journal of Interdisciplinary Modeling and Simulation, vol. 1 no. 4 (1978), pp. 295 - 314 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    An electronic voting and dialog system is utilized to assist decision making in a school education environment. The major responsibility for these decisions lies on the school administrator who finds himself in a highly complex and diversified educational organization. Many of the decisions that he must make are far-reaching in terms of the number of school personnel they affect and the widespread impact they are likely to have. Whereas a variety of models for decision making are available in the literature, this paper focuses on a five-phase model and evaluates its applicability to the school district decision-making process. The electronic feedback system used in this research was found to be a valuable tool in all five phases of decision making.