Papers Published

  1. Weaver, M. K. and Shaughnessy, E. J., IMPELLER-FREE AGITATOR FOR SUSPENSION CULTURE OF MAMMALIAN CELLS. (1987), pp. 3 - 6 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/06)

    An impeller-free mechanism for suspension and agitation of mammalian cells or cell-covered microcarrier beads is described. The approach involves the controlled, large-amplitude deformation of a compliant portion of the bioreactor boundary. The deformable section, an elastomeric membrane, forms the bottom of a cylindrical reactor vessel. Cyclic pressure variations in a chamber below the membrane drive it smoothly between a flat and an inflated, concave configuration. The unsteady flow that develops within the reactor exhibits a primary vertical current capable of maintaining a suspension of microcarrier beads, as well as smaller-scale turbulence that could enhance the transport of dissolved oxygen. A small model reactor is described and a numerical simulation of the flow during a membrane deformation stroke is presented.