Papers Published

  1. Lawless, P.A. and Shaughnessy, E.J., Laser Doppler anemometer measurements of particle velocity in a laboratory precipitator, Conference Record of the Industry Applications Society IEEE-IAS 1981 Annual Meeting (1981), pp. 1124 - 7 .
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    A laboratory precipitator was constructed to permit direct measurement of particle velocities by means of laser Doppler anemometry. Dimensions of the ESP were chosen to reflect realistic precipitator designs, and the flow conditions were carefully established. Measurements of particle velocities were carried out for a variety of particles sizes and electrical conditions. These velocities were interpreted in light of current theories for electric field configuration and particle charging. 5 predicted. On the assumption that corona wind was responsible for the excess velocities, several corona wind hypothesis were tested. The results are in fair agreement with previous work, but the phenomena are too complex to describe adequately with simple theories

    Doppler effect;electrostatic precipitators;laser velocimeters;velocity measurement;