Papers Published

  1. McMurray, J.T. and Shaughnessy, E.J., Measurement of geophysical turbulence by LDV, CLEO '81. Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (papers in summary form only received) (1981), pp. 128 - 30 .
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    A complete statistical description of longitudinal velocity and temperature fluctuations in a high Reynolds number geophysical flow has been obtained using a unique submersible laser-Doppler velocimeter to measure the instantaneous fluid velocity. The laser-Doppler velocimeter measures the velocity of small particles embedded in the fluid by means of the Doppler shift in the frequency of the laser light scattered from the moving particles. The LDV probe operates in the dual beam forward scatter mode using a low-power He-Ne laser as a light source. The measurements were made in a high Reynolds number tidal channel flow. The tidal currents were high enough that the Reynolds number was >106 (based on mean velocity and depth), thereby allowing an examination of certain flow regimes that are impossible to simulate the laboratory

    flow measurement;laser velocimeters;measurement by laser beam;oceanographic techniques;turbulence;