Papers Published

  1. Katz, Ira M. and Shaughnessy, Edward J., DIGITAL TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION OF A THERMISTOR FLOWMETER., Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments, vol. 20 no. 5 (1987), pp. 561 - 564 [021] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/06)

    The temperature compensation of a thermistor flowmeter is accomplished digitally, thus simplifying the compensation problem by replacing required hardware with software. The resistance-temperature curve of the thermistor is a least-squares fit to a logarithmic function whose coefficients are stored in computer memory. Signals representing the temperature of the heated thermistor and the ambient temperature are digitized and converted to temperature values based on the stored resistance-temperature curve. Results from calibration experiments on a thermistor flowmeter designed for use in human coronary arteries are presented to demonstrate the viability of the method.

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