Papers Published

  1. Douglass, R.W. and Munson, B.R. and Shaughnessy, E.J., Thermal convection in rotating spherical annuli. I. Forced convection, Int. J. Heat Mass Transf. (UK), vol. 21 no. 12 (1978), pp. 1543 - 53 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/06)

    The steady forced convection of a viscous fluid contained between two concentric spheres which are maintained at different temperatures and rotate about a common axis with different angular velocities is considered. Approximate solutions to the governing equations are obtained in terms of a regular perturbation solution valid for small Reynolds numbers and a modified Galerkin solution for moderate Reynolds numbers. The resulting flow pattern, temperature distribution, and heat-transfer characteristics are presented for the various cases considered. The theoretical heat-transfer results for small and moderate Reynolds number flows within a spherical annulus with a stationary outer sphere are compared with previous experimental results for the large Reynolds number flow situation. The difference between conduction, Stokes flow, and boundary-layer convection is shown

    boundary layers;convection in liquids;heat conduction;mathematical analysis;perturbation theory;rotational flow;temperature distribution;