Papers Published

  1. Zeineldin, Reema and Last, Julie A. and Slade, Andrea L. and Ista, Linnea K. and Bisong, Paul and O'Brien, Michael J. and Brueck, S. R. J. and Sasaki, Darryl Y. and Lopez, Gabriel P., Using bicellar mixtures to form supported and suspended lipid bilayers on silicon chips, LANGMUIR, vol. 22 no. 19 (September, 2006), pp. 8163--8168 [doi] .
    (last updated on 2010/02/08)

    Bicellar mixtures, planar lipid bilayer assemblies comprising long-and short-chain phosphatidylcholine lipids in suspension, were used to form supported lipid bilayers on flat silicon substrate and on nanotextured silicon substrates containing arrays of parallel troughs (170 nm wide, 380 nm deep, and 300 nm apart). Confocal fluorescence and atomic force microscopies were used to characterize the resulting lipid bilayer. Formation of a continuous biphasic undulating lipid bilayer membrane, where the crests and troughs corresponded to supported and suspended lipid bilayer regions, is demonstrated. The use of interferometric lithography to fabricate nanotexured substrates provides an advantage over other nanotextured substrates such as nanoporous alumina by offering flexibility in designing different geometries for suspending lipid bilayers.