Papers Published

  1. Rao, G. V. R. and Lopez, G. P. and Bravo, J. and Pham, H. and Datye, A. K. and Xu, H. F. and Ward, T. L., Monodisperse mesoporous silica microspheres formed by evaporation-induced self assembly of surfactant templates in aerosols, ADVANCED MATERIALS, vol. 14 no. 18 (September, 2002), pp. 1301--+ .
    (last updated on 2010/02/08)

    Evaporation-driven surface templating by means of a vibrating orifice aerosol generator (VOAG), a device that produces microdroplets, has been used for the synthesis of non-hollow monodisperse mesoporous silica particles (see Figure for a TEM image). Particle and pore size as well as mesoscopic order are controllable by varying the experimental conditions, precursor chemistry, and VOAG parameters.