Papers Published

  1. Tizazu, G. and El-Zubir, O. and Brueck, S. R. J. and Lidzey, D. G. and Leggett, G. J. and Lopez, G. P., Large area nanopatterning of alkylphosphonate self-assembled monolayers on titanium oxide surfaces by interferometric lithography, Nanoscale, vol. 3 no. 6 (2011), pp. 2511--2516 [doi] .
    (last updated on 2013/06/21)

    We demonstrate that interferometric lithography offers a fast, simple route to nanostructured self-assembled monolayers of alkylphosphonates on the native oxide of titanium. Exposure at 244 nm using a Lloyd's mirror interferometer caused the spatially periodic photocatalytic degradation of the adsorbates, yielding nanopatterns that extended over square centimetre areas. Exposed regions were re-functionalised by a second, contrasting alkylphosphonate, and the resulting patterns were used as templates for the assembly of molecular nanostructures; we demonstrate the fabrication of lines of polymer nanoparticles 46 nm wide. Nanopatterned monolayers were also employed as resists for etching of the metal film. Wires were formed with widths that could be varied between 46 and 126 nm simply by changing the exposure time. Square arrays of Ti dots as small as 35 nm (lambda/7) were fabricated using two orthogonal exposures followed by wet etching.