Papers Published

  1. Canavan, H. E. and Weisburd, S. and Hedberg-Dirk, E. L. and Stanton, M. P. and Petsev, D. N. and Fulghum, J. E. and Hollar, K. A. and Lopez, G. P., A LATERALLY AND VERTICALLY INTEGRATED OUTREACH PROGRAM TO INCREASE PARTICIPATION IN BIOMATERIALS-RELATED ENGINEERING, Journal of Materials Education, vol. 34 no. 1-2 (2012), pp. 45--58 .
    (last updated on 2013/06/21)

    We describe a University bioengineering program that vertically integrates outreach from the elementary through the college level. It was developed as part of a multi-investigator grant targeted at increasing diversity in engineering through biomaterials. However, the approach is not tied to a particular discipline. We offer this model for small groups of investigators to maximize their research's broader impacts while minimizing the burden on any one faculty member by laterally distributing outreach responsibilities. Since our program was established in 2006, we have initiated 169 outreach events including 124 visits with K-12 schools and have interacted with 7,788 people, 73.8\% of whom come from populations typically underrepresented in science and engineering.