Papers Published

  1. Love, E. and Rider, W. J. and Scovazzi, G., Stability analysis of a predictor/multi-corrector method for staggered-grid Lagrangian shock hydrodynamics, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS, vol. 228 no. 20 (November, 2009), pp. 7543--7564 [doi] .
    (last updated on 2012/08/21)

    This article presents the complete von Neumann stability analysis of a predictor/multi-corrector scheme derived from an implicit mid-point time integrator often used in shock hydrodynamics computations in combination with staggered spatial discretizations. It is shown that only even iterates of the method yield stable computations, while the odd iterates are, in the most general case, unconditionally unstable. These findings are confirmed by, and illustrated with, a number of numerical computations. Dispersion error analysis is also presented. (C) 2009 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.