Papers Published

  1. Courtney, T.H. and Pearsall, G.W. and Wulff, J., Effect of processing history on the superconducting properties and long-range order of Ta3Sn, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 36 no. 10 (1965), pp. 3256 - 3260 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    Variations of the transition temperature and long-range order parameter of Ta3Sn compacts were studied as functions of sintering time and temperature. Reacting the compacts for 4 days at 900°C produced a maximum in the order parameter (0.68) and the maximum transition temperature observed (8.35°K). Transition temperatures could be lowered to less than 4.2°K by vacuum heat treating presintered compacts at elevated temperatures. Ta3Sn was the only intermediate phase observed to form in the Ta-Sn system between 700° and 1450°C.

    crystal microstructure;sintering;superconducting materials and devices;