Papers Published

  1. Pearsall, George W., RISKS, DECISIONS, AND PRODUCT SAFETY., Journal of Products Liability, vol. 5 no. 3 (1982), pp. 219 - 246 .
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    Although some differences of opinion still exist among the risk analysts, engineers, and attorneys over the specific meanings of words such as left double quote danger right double quote , left double quote hazard right double quote , left double quote risk right double quote , and left double quote safety right double quote , the differences do not appear to be substantive. This paper explores their meanings - particularly the variety of meanings associated with risk - and proposes definitions in order to lay a foundation for the subsequent discussion of product safety and its relationship to risk assessment. After proposing these definitions, the paper considers the ways in which they can be integrated into determinations of risk (risk analysis), describes a number of injury severity scales for use in such risk analyses, outlines some possible approaches to determining what risk is acceptable (risk assessment), and discusses briefly their implications for the future of products liability. Refs.