Papers Published

  1. Shepherd, G. W. and Clark, H. G. and Pearsall, G. W., EXTRUSION OF POLYMER TUBING USING A ROTATING MANDREL., Polymer Engineering and Science, vol. 16 no. 12 (1976), pp. 827 - 830 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    A rotating mandrel in a tubing die produces multiaxial orientation in the extruded melt. If the polymer melt is quenched rapidly, some multiaxial orientation is retained in the resultant tubing. Multiaxially oriented tubing exhibits reduced crack propagation and some enhancement of yield and fracture strengths. During the processing of multiaxially oriented tubing, relaxation occurs after the melt leaves the die and gives rise to wall thickening and reduction in the lumen of the tubing; the magnitude of these effects is a function of the rate of mandrel rotation.