Papers Published

  1. Pearsall, G.W. and Backofen, W.A., Size and speed effects from lubricant breakdown in plastic compression, American Society of Mechanical Engineers -- Papers (1962), pp. 6 - .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    Size dependence of average pressure for reducing thin, geometrically similar, lubricated disks of aluminum is associated with development of lubricant film breakdown at periphery; greater amount of interface sliding of larger disks led to earlier breakdown and higher stresses; however, with certain liquid lubricants size effect reversed with increasing reduction, larger disks requiring smaller stress; this is related to presence of lubricant reservoir, that increases with sample size, supplying peripheral region and controlling progress of breakdown. (see also ASME -- Trans J Eng Industry v 85 n 4 Nov 1963 p 329-34)