Papers Published

  1. Pearsall, G.W. and Roberts, V.L., Passive mechanical properties of uterine muscle (myometrium) tested in vitro, J. Biomech. (UK), vol. 11 no. 4 (1978), pp. 167 - 76 [0021-9290(78)90009-X] .
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    The mechanical properties of human myometrium in vitro were determined in the passive state at strain rates of approx. 0.5 min. Both tension and compression data are presented as curves of true stress vs. true strain. The test results represent a range of uterine conditions, from nulliparous to multiporous, in various stages of the menstrual cycle, and include one pregnant uterus. For stresses above 1 psi, either tension or compression data can be represented approximately by an equation of the form ϵ=C ln σ+B. Elastic moduli, measured at an applied stress of 10 psi, were within the range 70-200 psi, and tensile strengths were in the range 80-300 psi