Papers Published

  1. Al-khudhairy, D.H.A. and Leemhuis, C. and Thomson, J.R. and Gavin, H. and Gasca Tucker, D. and Refstrup Sorensen, H. and Refsgaard, A. and Bilas, G. and Zalidis, G., Innovative technologies for scientific wetland management, conservation and restoration, IAHS-AISH Publication no. 267 (2000), pp. 491 - 494 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/09)

    Innovative technologies are being developed within the SHYLOC project, which is partly funded by the European Commission's Space Technology programme under the 4th Framework Programme, to provide improved tools for wetland modelling and satellite-derived information for wetlands that can be used for calibrating hydrological models. The project comprises three main components: (a) a software tool, SHYLOC, that uses a unique method to combine Landsat-TM images with digitized drainage or irrigation ditch networks to determine surface water storage; (b) a coupled hydrological and hydraulic modelling system that can incorporate hydraulic boundary conditions commonly associated with wetlands; and (c) a comprehensive hydro-meteorological database for four wetland sites in England and Greece. Preliminary results are promising. The SHYLOC software and the coupled hydrological/hydraulic modelling package have been completed and are being applied to the project test sites. There is a correlation between space-borne and ground based measurements of ditch water levels, and water balances are being prepared for two of the wetland sites.

    Water conservation;Weather satellites;Hydrology;Drainage;Irrigation;Surface waters;Hydraulic models;Meteorology;Boundary conditions;Computer aided software engineering;