Papers Published

  1. Baldi, G. and Borsetto, M. and Hueckel, T. and Peano, A. and Tassoni, E., Hard clay as host medium: thermo-mechanical experiments and model, Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management IX. Ninth International Symposium (1986), pp. 595 - 605 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/09)

    Clay's impermeability is an essential feature for the quality of a possible repository. However it results in a substantial pore water pressure rise induced by heating whose magnitude and dissipation rate depend on the clay's deformational response to heating. Experiments on thermal strains and effective stress are reported and the mathematical model implanted in a computer code is described. It allows study of a repository performance due to waste heating in both continental and subseabed clay formation

    clay;radioactive waste;waste disposal;