Papers Published

  1. Hueckel, Tomasz and Pellegrini, Rita and Del Olmo, Carlos, Constitutive study of thermo-elasto-plasticity of deep carbonatic clays, International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, vol. 22 no. 7 (1998), pp. 549 - 574 [(SICI)1096-9853(199807)22:7<549::AID-NAG927>3.0.CO;2-R] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/09)

    Argillaceous masses considered for potential nuclear waste repositories may exhibit significant space variability in their carbonate content. This may affect mechanical clay properties, such as strength or maximum apparent preconsolidation stress known to strongly depend on carbonate content. This paper investigates experimentally the dependence of thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of clays on carbonate content. The properties investigated are thermal strains, thermally induced over-consolidation, strength changes, destructuration, and thermally developed water pressure in undrained conditions. The experimental data are analyzed in terms of a thermo-elasto-plasticity theory for clays, being an extension of Cam-clay model, modified to include the variability of the carbonatic content.

    Clay;Elastoplasticity;Thermoelasticity;Mathematical models;Radioactive waste disposal;Strain;Consolidation;