Papers Published

  1. Miyauchi, S. and Kumagai, K. and Miyata, K. and Nishimura, K. and Kobashi, K. and Nakaue, A. and Glass, Jeffrey T. and Buckley-Golder, Ian M., Microfabrication of diamond films. Selective deposition and etching, Surface & Coatings Technology, vol. 47 no. 1-3 (1991), pp. 465 - 473 [0257-8972(91)90312-K] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/17)

    For the future application of diamond films to microelectronic devices and sensors, it is necessary to develop methods for making patterns a few micrometers wide of diamond films on substrates. To this end, two different methods of selected-area deposition were developed: reactive-ion etching and amorphous silicon masking of silicon substrates. It was shown that selective nucleation on silicon was achieved by these methods, and selective deposition of new diamonds on diamond film was carried out using the amorphous silicon masking method. The diamond films were etched using electron-beam assisted plasma etching, and consequently, a diamond film pattern of 10 micron wide was formed.

    Diamonds - Synthetic;Diamonds - Thin Films;Microelectronics - Materials;Semiconducting Silicon - Coatings;Etching - Plasma Applications;