Papers Published

  1. Proceedings of the Second International Conference. New Diamond Science and Technology, edited by Messier, R.;Glass, J.T.;Butler, J.E.;Roy, R.; (1991), pp. xx+1128 - .
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    The following topics were dealt with: vapour phase diamond; natural and synthetic high pressure and high temperature diamond; gas phase and surface measurements; nucleation; deposition processes; characterisation; optical, vibrational and Raman properties; mechanical, chemical and thermal properties; electrical properties; diamond-like materials; cubic boron nitride

    chemical vapour deposition;CVD coatings;diamond;electrical properties of substances;elemental semiconductors;materials properties;materials science;mechanical properties of substances;plasma CVD;plasma CVD coatings;Raman spectra of inorganic solids;semiconductor growth;semiconductor thin films;thermal properties of substances;