Papers Published

  1. Sivazlian, F.R. and von Windheim, J.A. and Glass, J.T., Diamond growth in an oxy-acetylene flame by an alternating gas ratio technique, Novel Forms of Carbon Symposium (1992), pp. 329 - 34 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/17)

    Diamond films were grown using a computer controlled oxy-acetylene torch that allowed precise programming of O2 and C2H2 gas profiles. This enabled more accurate control of the diamond growth chemistry. With this torch, systematic and complex variations in gas chemistry were applied during growth and the resulting film morphology and film quality was investigated. Plan view scanning electron microscopy (SEM) revealed predominately (111) faceting as a result of a sawtooth variation in the O2:C2H2 gas ratio from 0.97 to 1.00. Raman spectroscopy indicated mostly sp3 bonding, with little non-diamond component present. Furthermore, cross-sectional SEM showed small grains during normal growth (O2:C2H2=0.97), whereas grain size increased significantly after onset of a sawtooth variation in the gas ratio

    bonds (chemical);chemical vapour deposition;combustion synthesis;crystal morphology;diamond;elemental semiconductors;grain size;Raman spectra of inorganic solids;scanning electron microscope examination of materials;semiconductor growth;semiconductor thin films;