Papers Published

  1. Glass, J. T. and Fox, B. A. and Dreifus, D. L. and Stoner, B. R., Diamond for electronics: Future prospects of diamond SAW devices, Mrs Bulletin, vol. 23 no. 9 (September, 1998), pp. 49--55 .
    (last updated on 2012/07/09)

    From a commercialization standpoint, electronic applications have been particularly elusive for diamond. However, due to diamonds' exceptional properties, they continue to be a good candidate for numerous electronics applications. At present, the most promising applications are electron-beam devices, electrodes, sensors such as ultraviolet detectors, surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, and heat spreaders. The progress and the market potential of diamond SAW devices are discussed, along with their fundamental advantages over other materials in this area.

    Electronics industry;Acoustic surface wave devices;Marketing;Electrodes;Sensors;Ultraviolet detectors;Semiconductor doping;Thermal conductivity of solids;Piezoelectric transducers;Electric breakdown of solids;Carrier mobility;