Papers Published

  1. Yang, P. C. and Zhu, W. and Glass, J. T., NUCLEATION OF ORIENTED DIAMOND FILMS ON NICKEL SUBSTRATES, Journal of Materials Research, vol. 8 no. 8 (August, 1993), pp. 1773--1776 .
    (last updated on 2012/07/09)

    A seeding and multistep deposition process has been developed to nucleate and grow diamond films directly on Ni substrates in a hot filament chemical vapor deposition system. High quality diamond films have been deposited without graphite codeposition on both [Left angle bracket]100[Right Angle Bracket] oriented single-crystal Ni and polycrystalline Ni substrates. Both [Left angle bracket]100[Right Angle Bracket] and [Left angle bracket]111[Right Angle Bracket] oriented diamond nuclei have been observed depending upon the underlying substrate orientations. Molten metallic phases were found surrounding the diamond nuclei, and it is speculated that a liquid layer composed of nickel, carbon, and hydrogen also formed on the diamond surface during the growth. The oriented diamond is believed to have been achieved by the reorientation of seeded diamond particles into alignment with the Ni substrate due to interaction between the diamond and Ni lattices.

    Film growth;Nickel;Substrates;Crystal orientation;Chemical vapor deposition;Particles (particulate matter);Crystal lattices;Liquid metals;