Papers Published

  1. Holmes, Joseph S. and Glass, Jeffrey T., Internal R and D - Vital but only one piece of the innovation puzzle, Research Technology Management, vol. 47 no. 5 (2004), pp. 7 - 10 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/17)

    The benefit of return in internal Research and Development (R and D) to yield return on physical asset investment is discussed. The R and D is required to generate innovations and to utilize internal knowledge to access ousite technologies. It also provide an ability to integrate the disparate technologies acquired from sources outside of the firm. It is stated that the R and D investments have a positive effect on stock prices and operating performance over the life of the firm.

    Industrial management;Investments;Budget control;Costs;Marketing;Risk assessment;Mergers and acquisitions;Technological forecasting;Inventory control;Operations research;Professional aspects;Product development;Failure analysis;Mathematical models;