Papers Published

  1. Wei, Z. and Stoner, B. R. and Williams, B. E. and Glass, J. T., GROWTH AND CHARACTERIZATION OF DIAMOND FILMS ON NONDIAMOND SUBSTRATES FOR ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS, Proceedings of the Ieee, vol. 79 no. 5 (May, 1991), pp. 621--646 .
    (last updated on 2012/07/09)

    Recent advances in the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and characterization of diamond films on nondiamond substrates are reviewed. Major growth techniques, including hot filament CVD; microwave, RF, or DC plasma enhanced CVD; and combustion flame growth; as well as a number of hybrid and novel approaches, are described and analyzed. Results from the major categories of diamond film characterization, including diamond phase identification, nucleation and interfacial phenomena, morphology, and defects, as well as their correlations with electrical properties, are examined and discussed. Although most of the information presented is equally applicable to protective and wear-resistant coating application, emphasis is placed in the areas most pertinent to microelectronics.

    Substrates;Semiconducting Films;Crystals - Growing;Spectroscopy;