Papers Published

  1. YANG, PC and ZHU, W. and GLASS, JT, DIAMOND NUCLEATION ON NICKEL SUBSTRATES SEEDED WITH NON-DIAMOND CARBON, Journal of Materials Research, vol. 9 no. 5 (May, 1994), pp. 1063--1066 .
    (last updated on 2012/07/09)

    Oriented diamond films have been nucleated on single crystal nickel substrates seeded with non-diamond carbon and annealed at high temperatures in atomic hydrogen. The non-diamond carbon seeds included graphite powders, fullerene (60) powders, and gaseous carbon species. It was found that these different non-diamond carbon powders or species were effective in the enhancement of oriented nucleation of diamond. The morphologies of diamond films were similar regardless of the types of carbon used, suggesting a common nucleation mechanism involved. Based on the experimental observations, a revised model was developed for the oriented nucleation of diamond on Ni.

    Film growth;Nickel;Substrates;Chemical vapor deposition;Annealing;High temperature operations;Crystal orientation;Morphology;Mathematical models;Epitaxial growth;Powders;Carbon;