Papers Published

  1. Kong, H.S. and Glass, J.T. and Davis, R.F. and Nutt, S.R., Growth and characterization of chemically vapor deposited beta-SiC epilayers on 6H alpha-SiC substrates, Interfaces, Superlattices, and Thin Films Symposium (1987), pp. 405 - 10 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/17)

    High quality β-SiC (111) monocrystalline films have been epitaxially grown via chemical vapor deposition at 1683K on hexagonal 6H α-SiC (0001) using a (SiH4+C2H4)/(H2) gas flow rate ratio of 1:3000. Cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy showed almost no line or planar defects at the film/substrate interface and a low density within the bulk of the film. Furthermore, high resolution transmission electron microscopy revealed a coherent β-SiC/α-SiC interface. Secondary ion mass spectrometry indicated that the diffusion of the Al in the substrate into the as-grown film was negligible. Unintentionally doped films are n-type with the carrier concentrations virtually always in the range of 1016-1017 cm-3, as determined by capacitance-voltage measurements. A gold-β-SiC Schottky diode having an ideality constant of approximately 1.6 was fabricated on the β-SiC epilayer

    carrier density;chemical vapour deposition;gold;Schottky-barrier diodes;secondary ion mass spectra;semiconductor materials;silicon compounds;transmission electron microscope examination of materials;vapour phase epitaxial growth;