Papers Published

  1. Nemanich, Robert J. and Glass, Jeffrey T., ICNDST and ADC 2006 presents latest research in diamond and related materials, MRS Bulletin, vol. 31 no. 9 (2006), pp. 696 - .
    (last updated on 2007/04/17)

    The joint International Conference on New Diamond Science and Technology and the Applied Diamond Conference (ICNDST and ADC 2006) was held in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. The joint conference brought together more than 230 researchers from 18 countries to explore the latest discoveries, applications and technology developments involving diamond and related materials. The conference presented a special session on technology development and transfer where leading materials described the challenges they faced in developing new products based on diamond and related materials. Element six described the development of product specifications and manufacturing processes to meet cost and yield targets for high-end audio speaker components. A specific focus of the conference was on carbon-based nanotechnology developments with the incorporation of carbon nanotubes into films to act as selective biofilters.

    Diamonds;Technology transfer;Carbon nanotubes;Nanotechnology;Materials science;Product development;