Papers Published

  1. Geis, M. W. and Smith, H. I. and Argoitia, A. and Angus, J. and Ma, G. H. M. and Glass, J. T. and Butler, J. and Robinson, C. J. and Pryor, R., LARGE-AREA MOSAIC DIAMOND FILMS APPROACHING SINGLE-CRYSTAL QUALITY, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 58 no. 22 (June, 1991), pp. 2485--2487 .
    (last updated on 2012/07/09)

    The seeding for large-area mosaic diamond films approaching single-crystal quality is described. The technique includes patterned etching of relief structures in Si substrates, deposition from a slurry and orientation of macroscopic diamond seed crystals in the structures, and chemical vapor deposition overgrowth of the diamond seeds to form a continuous film. The film comprises approximately 100-mu-m single crystals, which are separated by low-angle grain boundaries of a few degrees or less. We believe that these low-angle grain boundaries will not affect the electrical properties of majority-carrier devices.

    CVD coatings;diamond;etching;grain boundaries;mosaic structure (microstructure);