Papers Published

  1. WOLTER, SD and GLASS, JT and STONER, BR, INVESTIGATION OF THE PROCESS FACTOR SPACE ON BIAS-ENHANCED NUCLEATION OF DIAMOND ON SILICON, Thin Solid Films, vol. 261 no. 1-2 (June, 1995), pp. 4--11 [0040-6090(94)06432-6] .
    (last updated on 2012/07/09)

    The influence of the process parameters on bias-enhanced nucleation of diamond on silicon was studied. When low pressures (< 15 Torr) and/or high bias voltages (more than 350 V d.c.) were used, no significant diamond nucleation was observed; in some cases diamond was found to be removed under these conditions. Low bias voltages (below -150 V d.c.) had very little effect on diamond nucleation, and higher process pressures (gt; 25 Torr) resulted in poor diamond film uniformities. A well defined process zone was determined in which a short bias duration (< 20 min) may be utilized to obtain enhanced diamond nucleation densities and improved diamond film uniformities. The process factors responsible for these optimum responses were a pressure of approx.20 Torr and a bias voltage of approx. - 320 V d.c. using a 5%CH4-H2 gas mixture.

    Nucleation;Semiconducting silicon;Chemical vapor deposition;Pressure effects;Surfaces;Morphology;Film growth;