Papers Published

  1. Naskar, S. and Wolter, S. D. and Bower, C. A. and Stoner, B. R. and Glass, J. T., Verification of the O-Si-N complex in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition silicon oxynitride films, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 87 no. 26 (December, 2005), pp. 261907 - [1.2158022] .
    (last updated on 2012/07/09)

    Silicon oxynitride films were deposited using a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition process. The bond configurations of the constituent atoms in the deposited film were analyzed using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Analysis of the Si 2p spectra showed the presence of nonstoichiometric silicon oxide and silicon oxynitride. Analysis of the binding energy shifts induced by Si-O and Si-N bond formation indicated an O-Si-N complex was present in the film matrix. Component balance analysis indicated that second-nearest-neighbor bond interactions were not the cause of these energy shifts and supported the presence of an O-Si-N complex. © 2005 American Institute of Physics.

    Chemical vapor deposition;Thin films;X ray analysis;Binding energy;Chemical bonds;X ray photoelectron spectroscopy;