Papers Published

  1. Braun, M.W.H. and Kong, H.S. and Glass, J.T. and Davis, R.F., The role of geometric considerations in the diamond-cubic boron nitride heteroepitaxial system, J. Appl. Phys. (USA), vol. 69 no. 4 (1991), pp. 2679 - 81 [1.348663] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/17)

    The authors report the methods and results of a theoretical study of the diamond-cubic boron nitride [BNcub] heteroepitaxial system. They introduce a general, geometric reciprocal space technique for evaluating candidate epitaxial configurations, and a novel system of essentially geometric criteria to order them from most to least likely to occur. In the diamond-BNcub system, it is found that low index planes require a relatively small strain of 1.37% from bulk parameters. The unlike epitaxial configuration which pairs diamond 100 with BNcub 221 and yields two-dimensional coincidence with the same strain is favored above other low index mixed configurations. The essentially geometric nature of this epitaxial system is highlighted

    boron compounds;diamond;epitaxial layers;