Papers Published

  1. Allaire, P. E. and Lewis, D. W. and Knight, J. D., ACTIVE VIBRATION CONTROL OF A SINGLE MASS ROTOR IN FLEXIBLE SUPPORTS., Journal of the Franklin Institute, vol. 315 no. 3 (1983), pp. 211 - 222 [0016-0032(83)90025-X] .
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    This paper considers vibration control of a single mass flexible rotor on damped flexible supports with active feedback control. Both proportional and derivative feedback control are utilized. Free vibrations and unbalance response of the rotor-control system are determined. The effect of proportional control is to increase the critical speed of rotating machinery while the effect of derivative control is to reduced the amplitude of vibration. Generally larger ratios of support to shaft stiffness require larger values of control parmeters to produce given amplitude of vibration.

    VIBRATIONS - Absorption;