Papers Published

  1. Allaire, P. E. and Barrett, L. E. and Flack, R. D. and Barton, F. W. and Knight, J. D., ROTOR DYNAMIC ANALYSIS OF A NUCLEAR HEAT TRANSPORT PUMP UNDER NORMAL AND PART VOID CONDITIONS., I Mech E Conference Publications (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) (1984), pp. 23 - 30 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/06)

    The model includes the motor, coupling, pump, casing and external supports with the associated bearings. Predicted forces on the impeller are obtained from scaled test results for somewhat similar impellers. Two types of analysis are considered: vibration response due to synchronous impeller forces under normal operating conditions, and response due to nonsynchronous impeller forces for part or full void conditions. Generally, the theoretical results are within a factor of 2 of the available test results. Finally, the predicted results indicate low vibration levels for the design option of a separate full liquid supply to the hydrostatic pump bearing. This is true even with potential unusual system operating conditions which produce large impeller forces at nonsynchronous frequencies.