Papers Published

  1. Thomas, Jeffrey P. and Dowell, Earl H. and Hall, Kenneth C. and Denegri Jr., Charles M., Modeling limit cycle oscillation behavior of the F-16 fighter using a harmonic balance approach, Collection of Technical Papers - AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference, vol. 3 (2004), pp. 2044 - 2050 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/07)

    A computational investigation of limit cycle oscillation behavior of the F-16 fighter configuration using a nonlinear frequency-domain harmonic-balance approach is presented. Computed limit cycle response results correlate well with experiment. Details of the computational model and methodology are presented. Copyright © 2004 by Jeffrey P. Thomas, Earl H. Dowell, Kenneth C. Hall and Charles M. Denegri Jr.

    Fighter aircraft;Oscillators (mechanical);Wings;Reynolds number;Iterative methods;Computer simulation;Frequency domain analysis;