Papers Published

  1. Chan, B. P. and Leong, K. W., Scaffolding in tissue engineering: general approaches and tissue-specific considerations, European Spine Journal, vol. 17 (2008), pp. S467-S479 .
    (last updated on 2010/06/11)

    Scaffolds represent important components for tissue engineering. However, researchers often encounter an enormous variety of choices when selecting scaffolds for tissue engineering. This paper aims to review the functions of scaffolds and the major scaffolding approaches as important guidelines for selecting scaffolds and discuss the tissue-specific considerations for scaffolding, using intervertebral disc as an example.

    tissue engineering scaffolding scaffolds biomaterials intervertebral disc mesenchymal stem-cells small-intestinal submucosa intervertebral disc degeneration nucleus pulposus replacement photochemical cross-linking bipedal animal-model extracellular-matrix annulus fibrosus in-vitro photopolymerizable hydrogels