Papers Published

  1. Chakraborty, S. and Liao, I. C. and Adler, A. and Leong, K. W., Electrohydrodynamics: A facile technique to fabricate drug delivery systems, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, vol. 61 no. 12 (2009), pp. 1043-1054 .
    (last updated on 2010/06/11)

    Electrospinning and electrospraying are facile electrohydrodynamic fabrication methods that can generate drug delivery systems (DDS) through a one-step process. The nanostructured fiber and particle morphologies produced by these techniques offer tunable release kinetics applicable to diverse biomedical applications. Coaxial electrospinning/electrospraying, a relatively new technique of fabricating core-shell fibers/particles have added to the versatility of these DDS by affording a near zero-order drug release kinetics, dampening of burst release, and applicability to a wider range of bioactive agents. Controllable electrospinning/spraying of fibers and particles and subsequent drug release from these chiefly polymeric vehicles depends on well-defined solution and process parameters. The additional drug delivery capability from electrospun fibers can further enhance the material's functionality in tissue engineering applications. This review discusses the state-of-the-art of using electrohydrodynamic technique to generate nanofiber/particles as drug delivery devices. (c) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

    electrospinning electrospraying nanofiber nanoparticle drug delivery systems core-shell nanofibers coaxial electrospinning controlled release tissue engineering cone-jet mode in-vitro electrospun nanofibers polymer nanofibers composite fibers controlled-release sustained-release block-copolymers ultrafine fibers particle-size