Papers Published

  1. Ser-Mien Chia and Jun Li and Xi Xu and Shujun Gao and Leong, K.W. and Yu, H., Novel hepatocyte encapsulation enhances cellular functions, Proceedings of the First Joint BMES/EMBS Conference. 1999 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology 21st Annual Conference and the 1999 Annual Fall Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (Cat. No.99CH37015), vol. vol.2 (1999), pp. 722 vol.2 - [IEMBS.1999.803877] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/13)

    We have synthesized a HEMA, MMA and MAA terpolymer to complex with modified collagen for encapsulation of rat hepatocytes. The encapsulated hepatocytes exhibited high level of functions in culture comparable to those of hepatocyte spheroids. The collagen that lined the inner layer of the capsule provided a compatible substrate for hepatocyte culture, and the outer terpolymer shell determined permeability, which was optimized for transport of 60 kDa but not 150 kDa molecules. Besides shorter processing time than spheroid formation, the encapsulation may offer other advantages important in designing a bioartificial liver-assisted device

    biological specimen preparation;biomedical materials;cellular transport;encapsulation;liver;polymer blends;proteins;