Papers Published

  1. Shin-Ya, Yoshitsune and Tsurushima, Hideo and Tsurumi, Taro and Kajiuchi, Toshio and Leong, Kam W., Polyelectrolyte complex films derived from polyethyleneoxide-maleic acid copolymer and chitosan: Preparation and characterization, Macromolecular Bioscience, vol. 4 no. 5 (2004), pp. 526 - 531 [mabi.200300110] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/13)

    Polyelectrolyte complex films were prepared with polyethyleneoxide-maleic acid copolymer and chitosan using a casting/solvent evaporation method. The films were examined in terms of their IR spectra, surface and cross-section morphologies, cytotoxicity, and swelling behavior at different pH levels. To assess the potential of these films as a biomedical device, the profiles of the release of model drug from the CS/PEOMA films were examined at pH 4.8. The surface morphology of the films was quite smooth and uniform, and the cross-sectional morphology was dense and homogeneous. The swelling behaviors of CS/PEOMA films were found to depend on the pH of the solution as well as on the CS/PEOMA composition. Drug release from different CS/PEOMA films at pH 4.8 was found to be dependent on film composition. The results showed the potential applicability of CS/PEOMA film as a drug delivery vehicle.

    Thin films;Polyethylene oxides;Copolymers;Solvents;Evaporation;Infrared radiation;Surfaces;pH effects;Biomedical equipment;Drug dosage;