Papers Published

  1. Chia, Ser-Mien and Zhou, Yi and Sun, Tao and Mao, Hai-Quan and Leong, Kam W. and Chen, Jia-Ping and Yu, Hanry, Issues and technologies leading to a new bio-artificial liver with microencapsulated hepatocytes, Third Smith and Nephew International Symposium - Translating Tissue Engineering into Products (2002), pp. 71 - .
    (last updated on 2007/04/13)

    The efforts being made to address a number of relevant issues and to develop the means for a new bio-artificial liver based on the microcapsules are discussed. The four classes of configurable microcapsules with controllable mechanical stabilities, and one class of the fragile microcapsules have been successfully applied to culture. To scale up the production of encapsulating hepatocytes in such ultra-thin microcapsules, the relationship between the physical, and chemical parameters of the biomaterials, and the microcapsules. An electro-hydrodynamic method, and a device are also developed of forming the microcapsules with well-controlled diameters, and shell thickness.

    Cells;Bioreactors;Immunology;Mass transfer;Biochemistry;Collagen;Cell culture;Biomaterials;Terpolymers;Electrohydrodynamics;