Papers Published

  1. Salem, A.K. and Min Chen and Hayden, J. and Leong, K.W. and Searson, P.C., Directed assembly of multisegment Au/Pt/Au nanowires, Nano Lett. (USA), vol. 4 no. 6 (2004), pp. 1163 - 5 [nl049462r] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/13)

    We demonstrate directed end-to-end assembly of Au/Pt/Au multisegment nanowires using the biotin/avidin linkage. The formation of a self-assembled monolayer on the central platinum segments is essential to avoid nonspecific binding of the linker group and hence to minimize lateral assembly

    gold;molecular biophysics;monolayers;nanowires;platinum;self-assembly;