Papers Published

  1. Ramakrishna, S. and Mayer, J. and Wintermantel, E. and Leong, K.W., Biomedical applications of polymer-composite materials: A review, Compos. Sci. Technol. (UK), vol. 61 no. 9 (2001), pp. 1189 - 224 [S0266-3538(00)00241-4] .
    (last updated on 2007/04/13)

    An overview of various biomedical applications of polymer-composite materials reported in the literature over the last 30 years is presented in this paper. For the benefit of the readers, general information regarding structure and function of tissues, types and purpose of implants/medical devices, and various other materials used, are also briefly presented. Different types of polymer composite that are already in use or are investigated for various biomedical applications are presented. Specific advantages of using polymer-composite biomaterials in selected applications are also highlighted. The paper also examines the critical issues and scientific challenges that require further research and development of polymer composite materials for their increased acceptance in the biomedical industry

    composite materials;elastic moduli;polymers;prosthetics;reviews;