Papers Published

  1. Hall, Kenneth C., Eigenanalysis of unsteady flows about airfoils, cascades, and wings, AIAA Journal, vol. 32 no. 12 (1994), pp. 2426 - 2432 .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    A general technique for constructing reduced order models of unsteady aerodynamic flows about two-dimensional isolated airfoils, cascades of airfoils, and three-dimensional wings is developed. The starting point is a time domain computational model of the unsteady small disturbance flow. For illustration purposes, we apply the technique to an unsteady incompressible vortex lattice model. The eigenmodes of the system, which may be though of as aerodynamic states, are computed and subsequently used to construct computationally efficient, reduced order models of the unsteady flowfield. Only a handful of the most dominant eigenmodes are retained in the reduced order model. The effect of the remaining eigenmodes is included approximately using a static correction technique. An important advantage of the present method is that once the eigenmode information has been computed, reduced order models can be constructed for any number of arbitrary modes of airfoil motion very inexpensively. Numerical examples are presented that demonstrate the accuracy and computational efficiency of the present method. Finally, we show how the reduced order model may be incorporated into an aeroelastic flutter model.

    Airfoils;Cascades (fluid mechanics);Wings;Mathematical models;Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions;Three dimensional;Time domain analysis;Aerodynamics;Frequency domain analysis;Laplace transforms;