Papers Published

  1. Silkowski, Peter D. and Hall, Kenneth C., Coupled mode analysis of unsteady multistage flows in turbomachinery, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Paper) (1997), pp. 15 - .
    (last updated on 2007/04/10)

    A `coupled mode' analysis is useful in predicting the unsteady aerodynamic response of vibrating multistage turbomachine blades. Using this approach, the coupling between the blade rows is modeled using a subset of spinning modes. The blade rows are represented by reflection and transmission coefficients which describe how spinning modes interact with and are scattered by, a given blade row. These coefficients are calculated using a linearized full potential flow model together with rapid distortion theory to account for incident vortical gusts.

    Computational methods;Modal analysis;Machine vibrations;Aerodynamics;Mathematical models;Boundary conditions;Unsteady flow;Damping;Linearization;Airfoils;Ducts;