Papers Published

  1. Murphy, K.D. and Virgin, L.N. and Rizzi, S.A., The effect of thermal prestress on the free vibration characteristics of clamped rectangular plates: theory and experiment, Trans. ASME. J. Vib. Acoust. (USA), vol. 119 no. 2 (1997), pp. 243 - 9 .
    (last updated on 2007/03/23)

    In a combined theoretical and experimental approach, the free vibration characteristics of a uniformly heated, fully clamped (out-of-plane), rectangular plate are considered. Specifically, this work focuses on the behavior of the small amplitude natural frequencies as the temperature is increased from the ambient. The effects of initial geometric imperfections, modal coupling, imperfect clamping (in-plane) and post-buckling are addressed. Comparisons between theory and experiment show excellent agreement

    buckling;thermal stresses;vibrations;