Papers Published

  1. Murphy, K.D. and Bayly, P.V. and Virgin, L.N. and Gottwald, J.A., Measuring the stability of periodic attractors using perturbation-induced transients: applications to two non-linear oscillators, Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol. 172 no. 1 (1994), pp. 85 - 102 [1160] .
    (last updated on 2007/03/23)

    In this paper a combined analytical, numerical and experimental approach is used to study the behavior of small, perturbation-induced transients superimposed on a periodic steady state. The behavior of these transients is monitored in terms of characteristic multipliers as a control parameter is changed and instability is approached. Two non-linear mechanical oscillators are used which exemplify the application of these concepts to physical systems.

    Perturbation techniques;Control systems;Oscillators (mechanical);Conformal mapping;Vibrations (mechanical);Approximation theory;Matrix algebra;Degrees of freedom (mechanics);