Papers Published

  1. Mansfield, J. R. and Knio, O. M. and Meneveau, C., A dynamic LES scheme for the vorticity transport equation: Formulation and a priori tests, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS, vol. 145 no. 2 (1998), pp. 693--730 .
    (last updated on 2011/07/05)

    This work aims at the development of a Lagrangian large eddy simulation (LES) scheme. The scheme is based on the filtered vorticity transport equation and on modeling the effects of subfilter scale (SFS) velocity and vorticity fluctuations using a dynamic eddy diffusivity model. The dynamic implementation of the model relies on multiple filtering in order to determine model coefficients from the resolved data. The performance of the dynamic SFS model is examined using a priori tests that are based on direct numerical simulations of forced, homogeneous, isotropic turbulence. The tests show a fair correlation of the model with SFS convection of vorticity. In addition, the computed value of the dynamic model coefficient is in good agreement with predictions based on enstrophy balances. Finally, the direct numerical simulation data is used to compare a three-dimensional particle representation of the model with spectral evaluations. The tests show that when the particle representation is sufficiently resolved, the Lagrangian model predictions are in good agreement with spectral results. (C) 1998 Academic Press.